Silky Sullivan Productions deals in much more than film, which is our core interest. We also handle streaming for internet and television documentaries, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, Broadway musicals, video games, music, art, and sculpture. We have many of these in-house but we are also interested in receiving creations in these categories from others.


Synopsis of Projects

 In film, we have many genres in-house (sci-fi, crime, action/adventure, comedy, romance, and sports.) Many borrow from history. Some of our properties have no genre but portray life from a 360 degree perspective. We welcome both genre-based scripts and those that take a wider point of view.

In the sci-fi genre we have in-house “The God King” (a 7-film epic saga about an alien bent on conquering every planet in the galaxy with intelligent life); “Universal Destiny” (a tv story revealing a conflict between the technological and spiritual approaches to life); and “Black Hole Journey” (a film exploring what goes on inside black holes.) All these double as action/adventure films.

In the crime genre we have “Karmafia” (an intimate portrait of a mob); “It’s a Circus” (combining creative criminals and comedy); “Pablo” (a new in-depth look at the life of Escobar) “Six Years and a Day,” a tale of ‘soft-crime’ in Franco’s Spain; and extended portions of “The God King.”

In the action/adventure genre we feature “Killswitch” (an historically accurate tale of the world of Kung Fu); and “City Wind” (a story about the ongoing conflict between the homeless and the police.)

“Kilts” is a comedy that takes place at a family reunion in Scotland.

Our romance story (“Why You Don’t Need a Therapist;) involves a close-up look at a relationship in trouble.

Our sports story features “The Bushville Champs,” a lighthearted story of the early N.Y. Mets.

Our Broadway musical, “Union,” features the early conflict between a newly formed union and corporate management that refuses to acknowledge them (frequently resorting to violence.)

Silky’s video game is called “Lost in Place,” and is unique in the world of video games.

Fiction books include “Love is Murder,” a story of a couple who kill for a living; and “Feel Free. Ask Me Anything,” the story of an impossible romance between an old genius and a young woman who becomes his acolyte.

Our non-fiction book is called “Why You Don’t Need a Therapist,” and is a new perspective on psychology.

We also feature a series of illustrated kid books “Kit and Abby,” which focuses on the lives of two young disabled girls who navigate life together successfully.

We also welcome the works of musicians, artists, and sculptures, and have in-house both art and sculptors for sale.